Progress and development are at the core of everything we do. We constantly review our practices and strategies to identify opportunities where we can continue to improve our services.

ENTECH aspires to be an employer of choice through values-driven talent acquisition, holistic training, and systematic delivery of an inclusive working environment.Most ENTECH employees have individual performance metrics, and are expected to be working towards continuous performance improvement, year over year. We are strong believers that maximum performance will be achieved if clear metrics exist right down to the individual level wherever possible. Team, business unit, and company-wide goals are established, communicated, and incentivized, but we layer those on top of a healthy dose of individual accountability.

We are professional, respectful of each other, and generally have a good time at work. We welcome everyone who wants to roll up their sleeves and help us accomplish the mission.

ENTECH’s diverse products and services support the day-to-day lives of many.

Individual and corporate customers depend upon the Group’s services in integrated pest management, commercial cleaning and sanitation including disinfection. These businesses have dedicated significant efforts and resources in improving their practices, infrastructure and technologies to uphold the highest safety and reliability commitments. In addition, our professional teams are committed to identifying, testing, and introducing new products and procedures to maintain and improve service reliability. All divisions embrace a service-oriented culture and are committed to delivering the highest possible levels of service quality and customer satisfaction.

By placing reliability, safety, and quality at the heart of our businesses, we aim to create value for our customers that better their lives and provide sustainable solutions.

ENTECH values and upholds integrity, fairness, transparency and accountability. The Group has zero-tolerance for corruption and fraud. Anti-bribery and anti-corruption standards are important parts of the Group’s policies and operating practices which are reinforced by our employees and communicated to relevant stakeholders with dealings with the Group. Whistle-blowing policies apply to all stakeholders including employees, shareholders, customers, and suppliers. The whistle-blowing mechanisms allow stakeholders to report suspected misconduct, malpractices, or fraudulent activities with confidence. Cases reported are followed up independently; all cases will be reported by the Group’s Internal Audit function to the Audit Committee and executive management.


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