A game changing transformation for the pest control industry

A Game Changing Transformation for the Pest Control Industry

Local pest control company tapped on technology to devise new ways of catching pests and to stay manpower lean

New initiatives to replace manual work processes and raise productivity

The jobs of Pest Control Officers (PCOs) are often seen as tedious and manual, and many often shun the jobs as the industry is perceived as unattractive and does not offer much career progression. To address and alleviate such challenges, PestBusters tapped on the National Trades Union Congress’ (NTUC) e2i’s (Employment and Employability Institute) Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP) to set up an Operations Command Centre (OCC) in a first-of-its-kind productivity initiative for the pest control industry. The company also plans to deploy drones to check for pests.

The OCC enables effective manpower deployment and increases productivity within the operations level. Previously, supervisors have to be present with the PCOs to provide one-on-one coaching or guidance, and the assigned task may need to be deferred if the supervisors are engaged with other work. With the OCC, PCOs are equipped with the body worn camera that will do live footage streaming to the OCC. Supervisors can be stationed at the OCC to coach multiple workers virtually, enabling them to complete their assigned tasks more efficiently and effectively.

It is common for PCOs to encounter hard to reach areas like the roof gutters or bee hives on trees. More workers are required to be deployed onsite to ensure the safety of the PCOs. With the use of drones, PCOs can conduct checks via the livefeed cameras and even administer chemical treatment on the bee hives directly without the need to climb ladders.

Thomas Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of PestBusters shared, “In today’s fast changing business environment, innovation is one of the key differentiators and a key catalyst for our expansion plans. We hope to be known as a “game changer” in the pest management industry. We will continue to think out of the box to improve productivity and upskills learning. I believe that the soul and the motivation of a company is in its innovation.”

With the introduction of the OCC and equipment such as the body worn camera and drones, pest control jobs can be made Easier, Safer and Smarter. Besides productivity improvement and labour savings, workers can now benefit from productivity wage increase. The adoption of technology also provides an opportunity for workers to be upskilled, take on greater work responsibility and advance in their careers. These initiatives can further help company become more manpower-lean and raise productivity.

In addition, PestBusters is a forward-looking SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) who places importance on the upgrading of their staff. The company has also developed their in-house Progressive Wage Model. With training and experience, workers will be able to progress in their career and earn a higher salary. To complement these new initiatives in conjunction with PestBusters’ holistic human capital management strategy, the company will be working with the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to upgrade their employees’ skills with the recommended learning and development pathways.

Learning Journey for SMEs

Minister Lim Swee Say, Minister for Manpower, visited PestBusters this morning together with some SMEs, to understand how the company leverages technology to re-design jobs and transform the way work is conventionally done in the pest control industry. As a result, workers benefit from skills upgrading, productivity improvement, and higher wages.

Mr Gilbert Tan, Chief Executive Officer of e2i said, “SMEs are an integral part of our economy. We will continue to partner progressive SMEs to re-design jobs and tap on technology to transform, become more productive, and thrive in a new manpower-lean landscape. At the end of the day, we want to build a strong Singaporean core and develop a higher skilled workforce.”