New Cutting Edge New Command Centre for PestBusters

PestBusters also announced that it plans to use drones to view live footage of hard-to-reach areas such as roof guttering and bee and hornet hives located high up amongst foliage. Drones also allow the company’s pest control officers to administer chemical treatments without the need to climb ladders.

This new method of pest control operations is being tested by PestBusters, which is seeking clearance from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore for the initial use of two drones in its operations, and beefing up the number of functions the drones can perform.

Mr. Thomas Fernandez, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for PestBusters announced at the opening that: “The cost of business is going up, but if you are able to use technology to improve productivity, then those savings go right to the bottom line in helping the business be in a stable condition. I estimate that with the new technologies, we need to hire only 10 to 20% more workers to grow his business by as much as 30%.” Guest of Honour at the launch, Manpower Minister Mr. Lim Swee Say said businesses should continue to restructure amid the weak economic climate. He added, “My message is that, as we go through this period of uncertainty, don’t slow down the process of transformation. In fact, this uncertain period is the best time to speed up transformation, so that by the time the period of uncertainty is over, hopefully businesses are ready to compete by adopting a new business model.” Located along New Industrial Road in Hougang, PestBusters announced that its new Operations Command Centre was launched with the help of National Trades Union Congress’ (NTUC) e2i’s (Employment and Employability Institute) Inclusive Growth Programme.

Mr. Gilbert Tan, Chief Executive Officer of e2i said, “Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are an integral part of our economy. We will continue to partner progressive SMEs to redesign jobs and tap into technology to transform, become more productive and thrive in a new manpower-lean landscape. At the end of the day, we want to build a strong Singaporean core and develop a higher skilled workforce.”

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